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One day, a strange pillow arrives at the protagonist's house.
By using this pillow, the protagonist becomes able to retain consciousness while dreaming.
This is the beginning of a journey of growth from childhood to adulthood in order to save a young girl, who is the protagonist's childhood sweetheart that returned in a dream.


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Yumeiri is a one-dimensional roguelike RPG that incorporates a design that is reminiscent of a gamebook.
While moving forward and backward, you can learn to do things you could not do before in order to actually experience growth.
Please find your way to the touching truth while analyzing the risk and return and controlling your fortune.

Genre One-Dimensional Roguelike RPG
Platforms      Nintendo Switch
Price $8
Release Date October 21st, 2021
Languages Japanese, Korean, English

  Production Team

Planning / Script / Programming   Takeshi Namikawa
Music Satoshi Namikawa (1off)
Illustrations Tow
Illustrations Nawoko Maeda
Lyrics / Composition / Vocal / Guitar   Fumika
Vocal MiMi
Vocal Liyin
Guitar k_ag_music
Localizing(English) Active Gaming Media Inc.
Localizing(Korea) vrabbit
Localizing(Korea) and Testing 사요
Localizing(Korea) and Testing Oh Biro
Localizing(Chinese) and Testing Takafumi Fujii
Localizing(Chinese) and Testing Li Wanping
Localizing(Chinese) and Testing CHINA2113
Localizing(Chinese) and Testing LIUKUANMEI
Testing Mayuko Nakamura
Testing Noa
Testing Sui Ryokka
Testing Uroboro
Special Thanks Hiroki Niinuma